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 Charles Pettee and FolkPsalm offer an exciting and entertaining concert of
 bluegrass and new acoustic music featuring Charles Pettee's settings for various  Old Testament Psalms, as featured on the CDs A Dove on Distant Oaks, The Way Of Manna, Steady Love  and True Wealth.
 FolkPsalm features the talents of renowned professional  musicians from NC,  (including Pettee, the longtime mandolinist and songwriter for  Flying Fish recording  artist The Shady Grove Band, Lizzie Hamilton, founding  member, vocalist, and  original fiddle player for Asheville, NC's the Steep Canyon  Rangers, Robbie Link,  outstanding freelance upright bass player, Mark Simonsen,  freelance drummer and  vibraphonist for Chapel Hill's The Old Ceremony, Oxford,  NC's Brian Bolton on guitar  and vocals, and Taz Shadburn, vocalist extraordinaire),  performing masterfully  arranged instrumentals, and intricate harmony vocals that  delight even the most  discriminating audience.

      "Charles Pettee is a superb musician and a gifted lyricist, and possibly his       rarest gift is the ability to render biblical texts – psalms and stories – into       American musical idioms, folk and bluegrass. He is a powerful interpreter
      of Scripture in his own right, and his music has greatly strengthened my       agrarian readings of the Bible. With strong conviction and sometimes wry       humor, he delivers a message about the incomparable value of healthy       land, a message that faith communities urgently need to hear and       communicate to others."
      – Ellen F. Davis, A. R. Kearns Professor of Bible and Practical Theology,       Duke Divinity School

 Ever faithful to the subject matter, this show offers something for both devotees of  the Psalm texts, as well as those who have never cracked open a Bible. As the
 Town Crier of Fairview, NC noted, "The music brings these old words new power,  and  pierces to our hearts as well."

 The band travels with its own top-notch sound system, making presentation  technically simple for the presenter, either indoors, or for outdoor events. Two
 hours set-up time is required. For festivals or other events where the sound
 system is  provided, a list of sound requirements is available.

"Charles Pettee and the FolkPsalm band give a refreshing, delightful, and deeply moving concert. I play their CD, Steady Love, constantly. The singers are both soulful and electric, the instrumentalists superb, and, oh the lyrics, they are divine!"
– Kathy Russell, teacher, Fresh Water Ministries

 Concert formats range from Charles Pettee performing solo, to the Folk Psalm duo
 or  trio, to the full seven piece band, depending on the venue, and the desires of  the presenter.

"Rich, engaging new acoustic and bluegrass arrangements...the most        sophisticated and moving music of [Pettee's] career."
       – Independent Weekly, May, 2003

"For lots of folks, the psalms have mostly been stylized throwbacks to        some quaint, ancient piety safely removed from any relevance to our        stumbling humanity. Charles Pettee frees these audcious songs from our        neutered banishments, to work their dark-bright alchemy once again.        Surely these raw, touching vocal settings must be very close to the spirit
       of those wandring desert people who first thrust these God-songs        heavenward. In Pettee's tunes God dances, dips and reels around our        primal heart campfires again. something very old, very true is at work        here."
       – Mitchell Simpson, pastor University Baptist Church, Chapel Hill, NC